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JBL Partybox 300 vs JBL Boombox comparison on Tremendous stage.

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We go to Bluetooth speaker today for side-by-side comparison. I also have seen so many videos on YouTube for side-by-side comparison for these particular Bluetooth speaker I have checked that so many people are giving a very confusing video and you are not able to select the perfect JBL Bluetooth speaker or a good Bluetooth speaker.

Let's start to Bluetooth speakers are available with me so first one is a JBL partybox 300 nd one is JBL boombox. I am going to do a side-by-side comparison for these two particular Bluetooth speakers I am going to tell you why these are very great in the segment what are the common features of these two Bluetooth speakers and what are the special features of these two Bluetooth speaker where JBL partybox 300 is a great dealing to a Bluetooth speaker and another side we have JBL boombox having a great sound quality and the price compromise with build quality very good design very nice Bluetooth speaker. In this video you will be able to select a better Bluetooth speaker for your house and for your party you will be able to select a good Bluetooth speaker in your price range so let's begin.

JBL party box 300 vs JBL boombox a side by side comparison listing out there special features in the common features right now below.

Here we have a few technical details of JBL party box 300 and JBL boombox so let me tell you the common features are both are in the same brand JBL brand both have same manufacturing company which is Harmon and both has same connectivity which is Bluetooth and compatibility device are audio player laptop mobile and tablet these are the common features of JBL party box 300 and JBL boombox.

JBL partybox 300 made in newly 2018 but JBL boombox is a little old made in 2017. If we talk about batteries of both the Bluetooth speakers so here JBL partybox 300 has 10,000 MAH battery and JBL boombox has 20,000 MAH battery so if you can understand 20,000 and 10,000 is a big different of battery size. You will get very good battery back up in JBL boombox where you will get a little low battery back up in JBL partybox 300 but still JBL party box 300 give you nearly 15 to 18 hours of battery back up because it has 10,000 find JBL boombox will give you 22 to 25 hours of battery back up these are the average battery life hence it will give you more than that.

If we talk about special features of these to Bluetooth speaker JBL party box 300 is based out on subwoofer it has a subwoofer quality and subwoofer Power it has. JBL boom box has waterproof a special feature and the special features is very of a difference from the JBL party box 300 which gives you an extra impact on your particular going on life and it makes a unique JBL boombox. If we talk about the output quality of the both the speaker so JBL party box 300 Gots 240 Watts of speaker output and JBL boom box gots 60 Watts of output speakers then if we talk about their connectivity so JBL party box 300 has wireless Bluetooth and USB connectivity 3 options it has the JBL boombox has only one connectivity which is Bluetooth. Hence the JBL party box 300 is a little bigger so it has 15.8 KG of weight where JBL boombox has little smaller so it has 5.25 KG of weight.

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So these are the two different comparison of JBL partybox 300 and JBL boombox these two speakers are very great in their segment and I have showcase the comparison of these to Bluetooth speakers.

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