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Theme: Toyota Innova Old Key to Flip Key Change.

I have Toyota Innova Crysta and I was very disappointed on the key fob so I thought to change the key fob into a flip key which I have now it's normal key. The all new Toyota innova key looks very nice. And Old Innova has a straight key which docent look good.

On Google I found The solution that you can change the Toyota innova normal key top flip key. I ordered a flip key from amazon. Amazon buy link is below

Buy on Amazon Toyota Innova Old Key to Flip Key Change Fod: https://amzn.to/33dKKYm

After ordering when saw the flip key it is very nice and looks premium to me. I liked the key for very much and its in good quality. I changed the Toyota Innvoa normal remote key to Flip remote key.

This is a new uncut Flip Key Conversion Case for Toyota Cars. Flip Key suitable for Toyota Cars with company fitted central locking with lock/unlock/Trunk button integrated in the key.


Conversion to flip key is very simple and user friendly. Following are the steps:

1. For hint on opening & Assembling Flip key, kindly watch this video https://youtu.be/KlQoufQIL2A

2. Please ignore the Key Blade fixing procedure shown in Video as new flip key already contains new blank blade.

3. You just need to get this new blade duplicated with your existing key

4. Open the original car Key and transfer the complete module to flip key

5. Pack the flip key as shown in video. Dont forget to rotate the spring anti clock wise other wise key will not flip out

6. Get the flip key duplicated with original key through local locksmith


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