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Theme: Redmi earbuds s unboxing and first impressions in Hindi.

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As You know I am Neeraj Kumar Jangir and Your watching HashTag India. At the beginning of time there was an earphone which was connected with the wire to your phone it was weird and gives a lot of disturbance after that technology has changed to a smaller wire basically to earbuds was connecting to a small wire in between and it called as a Bluetooth earphone but now in future 2020 technology has changed to a modern future and produced a very nice elegant styles Earbuds that has no connectivity of wire direct Bluetooth connectivity to your phone. And you can enjoy your music.

Today I am here to do it a super unboxing video of redmi earbuds s unboxing. And in this viral video, I will be covering the complete packaging overview, the contents of the packaging and physical overview of redmi earbuds s and the pricing obviously.

Let us do mi earbuds unboxing


In front, we have the badging of redmi earbuds s and the tagline is stylish and elegant design.

1. It is completely waterproof

2. 12 hours of battery back up

3. Active voice assistant

There is nothing on the other side bottom side we have a scratch card so if you will scratch it we will get something in offer back site there are some details basically contact details basically no use for us and the price.

In the backside, the price is written and that is 2400 rupee but on Amazon, I have purchased it in just 1600 rupee.

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